2024 Model Show: Fen Model Show
Last minute addition to the modelling calendar we will be attending the Fen Model Show on the 27th to 28th of July 2024 in Ely.
2024 Model Show: Scale Scotland
In September we will be attending the Scale Scotland model show on the 7th of September 2024.
2024 Model Show: Sword and Lance Model Show
In April we will be attending the Sword and Lance model show on the 13th of April 2024.
2024 Model Show: Figure World North Model Show
In June we will be attending the Figure World North model show on the 8th of June 2024.
2024 Model Show: Peterborough Scale Model Club
We will be attending our first model show of 2024 at the Peterborough Scale Model Club show on the 3rd of March 2024.
Why we attend Model Shows
Attending a scale model show as a trader is a thrilling experience that transcends the traditional boundaries of business and hobby. These exhibitions serve as a haven for enthusiasts and collectors, providing a platform for traders to showcase their products and engage with a passionate audience. ...
2023 Xmas Message
Christmas cheer and festive period closure.
Introducing the NEW 75mm Chindit Figure Model Kit
Exciting News: Introducing the 75mm Chindit Figure Model Kit! Attention all history buffs and model kit enthusiasts! We are thrilled to announce the release of our highly anticipated 75mm Chindit Figure Model Kit, paying homage to the legendary Chindit Special Forces from World War II
Unveiling the NEW 75mm Viking Figure Model Kit
Exciting News! Unveiling the 75mm Viking Figure Model Kit! Prepare to embark on a legendary journey through time with our brand-new 75mm Viking Figure Model Kit!